Do you feel like Johnny Depp is in your face a LOT these days? A lot more than he ever used to be? We’d go months not seeing him before. A long, long time. JD knew how to go underground. Like Tom Cruise, like Brange, he has the resources, he had the inclination. Then.


Now it’s almost weekly.

Last night, Johnny was at Spike TV’s Don Rickles tribute in New York. With his fiancée, obviously. Look at how he’s holding on to her at the table, the first shot below in the series.

Is it grossing you out?

It’s grossing me out.

The smarmy expression on his face is giving me the skeeves. His left hand on her left arm is giving me the skeeves. The one arm around her shoulders is fine. It’s the double embrace, just the fingertips, that’s making me really uncomfortable. She doesn’t look all that comfortable either. And all I feel is…


Oh My God. It’s fontrum. Jesus, would you ever have expected that Johnny Depp would be fontrum? That you would cringe from fontrum courtesy Johnny Depp???

By the way, there weren’t very many other women there at this event last night. Rickles’s wife, DeNiro’s wife, and Amber Heard. But Martin Scorsese and Harvey Weinstein showed up. Always good contacts to have.