Production on Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has moved to England. This is Johnny Depp around the set today with plaited hair after arriving with it loose and wavy at the start of the shift. He looks good. MUCH better than he looks in that trailer for The Tourist.

I saw it at the theatre on a massive screen this weekend. And when projected to that size, whatever was going on with JD’s face in that movie is made much worse. Maybe he was compensating for the Jolie’s gauntness. Two of the most beautiful people in history and together they look less than their best. This actually brings me very real pain, although it has been momentarily relieved by the sight of him chilled out and gorgeous in plaid.

You know, when he’s in London, he goes to great lengths not to have it publicised, but he always visits at the hospital where his daughter Lily Rose was treated a few years ago. He dresses up, he entertains the kids, he makes them happy. Because, unlike Lindsay Lohan, he actually has some joy to give.

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