Tonight in Paris, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had dinner at Brasserie Lipp – not on GOOPy’s recommended guide. Heh.

Vanessa dashed into the car before cameras could catch her. So far these are the only two good shots of JD I could find. Very, very rare. It’s been months since the last candids.


Because he’s maybe the 2nd or 3rd biggest star in the world and he truly, truly doesn’t famewhore. Johnny Depp travels strictly private jet, is surrounded by people he pays to fiercely guard his privacy, actually spends more time in LA than most people know, but is able to roll undercover – because it IS possible – and prefers family time in France where pap laws are much stricter. Talk it and walk it, right?

Have you noticed how rarely his kids are photographed?

Johnny should be gearing up for Public Enemies promotion soon. The film, costarring Bale and Marion Cotillard - !!! - is due out in July with high studio hopes to become a massive blockbuster. Depp is expected to sell it hard, even though it’s not really a hard sell.

Depp and Bale with Cotillard?


I’m seeing it twice. At least.

Until then though, after tonight, chances are he’ll slip back under the radar.

Love you. Miss you.

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