Both in Vancouver! Both out on the town last night … and very, very late at that.

Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell are working on the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus in Vancouver and the cast and crew showed up at Villa Del Lupo last night for dinner. Love that place. Best, best in town.

So Mini Me was there, and Christopher Plummer, and Lily Cole, and of course Colin and Johnny. Colin arrived first, Johnny showed up late. They stayed until almost 3am. At one point, Colin went up on the roof for a ciggie and took a piss. On the roof. Hee.

My sources say Colin was pretty lubed up. Johnny, per usual, was extremely low key. Wore a soft hat, with strict security, in and out like a flash, and of course… the ultimate lifetime hotness.

He won’t be here for long Vancouver so breathe and feel his vibe while you can. Has it really been 17 years since 21 Jump Street? It was shot here for its entirety. Johnny’s come home.

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