I don’t know if this is so much blonde as it is…orange? It’s sun-in. Do you know sun-in? Sun-in was a product we used back in the day to lighten our hair. You’d spray the sun-in on and then go in the sun. Most of us just cheated and turned on the hair dryer. What came out wasn’t so much blonde as it was…burnt. Copper? See Johnny Depp.

Perhaps this is for a role. He’s currently working on the film adaptation of Into The Woods playing the Big Bad Wolf. OF COURSE Johnny Depp’s wolf would be blonde. And if his wolf isn’t blonde, and this is just personal style decision…

Well OF COURSE Johnny Depp, now 50 years old and wishing he was still 40 or lower, would be blonde. 

Johnny was in London tonight at the BFI Film Festival to honour Sir Christopher Lee. Now that he’s blonde, I guess he can reduce his scarf, necklace, and ring game. You know, I’ll take the blonde over the scarves, necklaces, and the rings.