Have I asked this question before and just forgot?

Johnny Depp was interviewed by The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie and the clip was just posted this morning. She asks him what it was like to finally play a character that wasn’t all about costuming and makeup and whether or not that was a refreshing change. Which is interesting because his character in Transcendence is actually a computer so…the mask is still definitely there.

And then we move on to questions about fame and privacy. He says he lives like a fugitive. Fine. But he’s also waving an engagement ring around. A “chick’s ring” as he calls it. And REPEATEDLY.

What’s that about privacy?

I hate the word “chick”. That has nothing to do with anything except that he keeps using the term and keeps referring to himself wearing it with that term and all it with that accented drawl of his and I guess it used to feel cool, naturally cool, but now it just feels put on. Like Johnny Depp just woke up. Like Johnny Depp is such a f-cking badass. Like Johnny Depp snaps his finger and points it at Savannah when she gets the right answer and this is supposed to be make think he’s my rock idol of mystery.

He also talked about his “chick ring” on Letterman. And he mentioned that he gets on well with Amber Heard’s father, describing him as follows:

“He’s about the closest thing to Hunter S. Thompson I’ve ever met.”

Oh my God, did you really just do that?

Why can’t I stop being embarrassed by Johnny Depp?

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