Johnny Depp was photographed in New York yesterday. He looks like sh-t. And I don’t mean his clothes because he’s always dressed like this but his overall general health. Even in the past when he used to wear his raggedy pants and shoes, even with the holes in his hats, when he was well, it would come out of him from inside.

A friend of mine saw Johnny at a restaurant recently. The exact text I received was, “Johnny Depp is nearby. Looking FAT. His face is really big.” The thing with being an actor at a certain age, even the men, is that it’s harder and harder to get rid of. This is why Brad Pitt keeps himself so lean. Really lean. He knows that there’s less likelihood it can bounce back. And worse yet, it will sag.

Is this a reason to get depressed about the natural course of life? Of course not. If Johnny were happily maturing and fulfilled, none of it matters, obviously. But who’s to say that Johnny Depp isn’t more like Demi Moore than we think? Who’s to say he’s having a hard time letting go of a certain existence, and as such is finding it more and more difficult to reconcile that with reality?

Lately I’ve been wondering why it is that Johnny works so much. He enjoys being on a film set. He almost needs to be on a film set. Which is fiiiiine sure...but it must not be easy to be married to that either.

Johnny starts on The Lone Ranger in March.