We’ve been documenting the rapid decline of Johnny Depp’s appeal over the last couple of years. He’s making it easy. Check out Johnny caught with his pants down while filming a scene for Mordecai last night in London. I mean, I know it’s just a character, yet another weird and quirky character he’s adding to his ever-growing resumé of weird and quirky characters.

Apart from the aesthetic, there’s also, of course, the issue of Johnny’s personal life. It became a cliché. Middle-aged man who just wants to play his guitar leaves the mother of his two children for a twenty-something bombshell who happens to want to be a movie star. These shots of him with Amber Heard have been floating around on Facebook recently. They were sent to me a few times from several different people yesterday.

Let go of the goddamn hand. When it’s OVER someone else like that, it’s super f-cking gross, right?