Johnny isn’t selling this year. But the magazine picked him anyway. And it’s the best choice, on so many levels. Because only Pitt and Clooney (before today) have held the title twice. JD belongs in that league. His selection however actually demonstrates that People Magazine is capable of critical thinking. This is quite encouraging.

I was wrong in reporting that Robert Pattinson would be crowned. One more time: I was wrong.

Even though Robert Pattinson is selling it hard and Johnny Depp is currently selling nothing, People went with a choice that will stand the test of time. At only 23, Pattinson is much too young. He has time. And he needs to earn it. Can Pattinson open a movie that isn’t Twilight related?

People Magazine decided not to go with temporary gratification. People Magazine honoured the integrity of their Sexiest Man Alive brand. People Magazine recognised that the danger in naming Pattinson is that there is a possibility no one will care about this kid in 2 years. The SMA honour is too prestigious to waste on a young actor who is still proving his worth.

I thought they would succumb to the prospect of newsstand sales supported by Twilight fans. People Magazine impressively chose their Brand over the quick fix. Well done.

Also…remember when I talked about the Man Cred? JD has Man Cred. The Sexiest Man Alive needs man approval. Robert Pattinson has zero man approval. But everyone loves Johnny.

Well…not everyone and certainly not today. The Twi-Hards, they are FURIOUS.

Within minutes of the announcements, the emails they came in a flurry.

Am attaching 3 for now while go through them all. Seriously, some of them are so distraught I can almost hear them weeping. Be gentle with your neighbourhood Twi-Hard today. They are a delicate lot. Oh wait but before I get started, Lorella sent me this link yesterday – click here. Just in case you thought reports of Twi-Hard lunacy were exaggerated.

If someone sent me a Twilight wedding invitation, not only would I decline, I would actually break up with them.

What the f-ck has Johnny f-ckin Depp done for me lately? WHAT? Rob was ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are a damn bitch for throwing us off. I’m never bagging that rag again. Johnny Depp can kiss my ass! From Jody

Lainey, I just don’t know what I’m going to tell my daughter when she comes home from school today. Lauren is in grade 10 and we both love RPattz. I have been online all morning trying to sort through this mess. How could this happen? How could People Mag make such a mistake? I am devastated and so will Lauren. We both expected to celebrate with Rob today and now it just feels like a death in the family. I can’t wait for the New Moon show on Friday. We have tickets for two shows back to back. Hopefully that will take the sting away. Thanks for listening. From Ashley R

I want to grab you by the throat and strangle that smug tone out of your voice. Are you happy now? You shamed them into taking it away from Rob. WTF man cred? Everyone on your list is a druggie cheating whore. Rob is better than all of them combined. So if they’re gonna give to a has been fine. We all know it was meant to be Rob. Way to bully your way through life Lainey. You know what happens to bullies at the end of the day. From Megan

Johnny was in New York last night at Tim Burton’s event at the MoMA.

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