Johnny Depp isn’t tall to begin with, and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (the director) appears to be freakishly tall, so when they’re standing next to each other, Jesus, Johnny looks almost my height.

They’re in Japan promoting The Tourist without Angelina Jolie. The Jolie was in Afghanistan on UNHCR business yesterday. Those photos are attached too. Someone asked me during the liveblog yesterday if things were all good with the Brange. The Brange is fine. They’ve kept it low since the Golden Globes, and by design too. When they’re ready to show you something, you won’t be able to miss them, I promise.

As for Johnny, well, he looks a little better with less of a tan and a leaner beard. And I do appreciate how his hair is waving just so, and his suit is nice too, and maybe the face isn’t quite so bloated anymore but still, right now, it’s not enough to wash the taste of that movie out of my mouth. Have you seen The Tourist? See it to laugh at the sh-ts. So much sh-t. As you know, that sh-t was rejected on the domestic market but, as is the case with other bad films, it was certainly saved overseas. I had several meetings last week in LA and one of the best things I heard was that “Hollywood is well aware that the international movie audience is, for lack of a better way of describing it, less sophisticated and we can dump our movies over there and they’ll make our money back, sometimes more”. Thanks Hello Kitty.

Happily, Johnny’s next release Rango is apparently much better quality. Sarah from Cinesnark saw it recently and says she was quite impressed. On a totally unrelated note, I cannot say the words “much better quality” without a Chinese accent. Go to a Chinese supermarket, you’ll see what I mean.

Photos from Kiyoshi Ota/