After all kinds of speculation about where he’s been the last month (click here for my post from yesterday), Johnny Depp returned to Australia today on a private jet with Amber Heard. Photographers were there to document the arrival, which was more like a show. He’s waving to his public. They’re holding hands. She has a big smile on her face.

He’s fine.

They’re fine.

All of this was nothing but rumour, total bullsh-t.

Sure. But even PEOPLE posted an article yesterday about how they were leading separate lives. Curiously, the text of that post has been removed, though the link title is still there, now simply attached to a photo. So was it really that everyone else had got it wrong…

Or did someone shout down the phone at Johnny to get his sh-t together? Disney is spending a lot of money on Pirates 5. But he’s too much of a lone wolf “individual” to answer to the big corporation, isn’t he? Oh please. He’s as much of a company man as Robert Downey Jr. It’s just that RDJ doesn’t pretend he’s not when he actually is.