Nicolas Cage was at the Guns N’ Roses show the other night. That’s Andrew Dice Clay with him. The photo was posted on the band’s Instagram

Please take a close look at Cage’s style – the hat, the beads around the neck, the t-shirt with his own face, that f-cked up belt, what appears to be fringe on his pants, the cane, the rings, waving around a glass of wine…

And my first question, swear to God, when I saw this picture on Dlisted was:

Where’s Johnny Depp?

Because these are his people.

That’s how I think of him now, Johnny Depp. When I see a middle-aged man in ridiculous clothes, I look around for Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp is 51 years old today.

Also attached – Cage at opening night of the Guns N’ Roses residency in May.