Johnny Depp covers the new DETAILS. Into The Woods is coming out soon. He plays the Big Bad Wolf. So this interview is about how he doesn’t give a f-ck anymore. Even though his last few movies took a dump at the box office, Johnny Depp isn’t just over it, he was never a part of it. He is beyond criticism. He’s reached nirvana. He’s existing on a different level. Because that’s what Marlon Brando told him to do, which, basically, is the point of the entire article:

Marlon Brando was Johnny Depp’s friend. Five hundred words later, and this was my only takeaway.

For all his talent though, Brando lived a sad, bitter life. It’s an interesting choice for a life coach. But it’s also really…lame?

Anytime anyone’s responds to a hater by saying, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it because famous person/pretty person/popular person does”, it’s lame, a weak criteria for validation.

But whatever. It’s Johnny Depp. And, yes, Johnny Depp can do whatever the f-ck he wants while not giving a f-ck because he’s found the “birdsong”, whatever that means. Have you noticed that the “birdsong” only comes to those with a lot of f-cking money?

Sure, go about your business not giving a f-ck…by profiting from the business, if that’s the true defining spirit of not giving a f-ck.

Click here to read the DETAILS feature on Johnny Depp. Oh and here’s the video. He plays his guitar with gross fingernails.