Page Six reports today that Johnny Depp will marry Amber Heard the weekend of February 7/8 on his private island in the Caribbean. That’s Grammys/BAFTA weekend.

According to Page Six they’re expecting 50 guests, mostly just family and very close friends – Marilyn Manson? – and because the island is, really, just an island with mostly undeveloped land, guests will be staying on a yacht. Or yachts? He has his own yacht, as we know, called Vajoliroja (Vanessa, Johnny, Lily Rose, Jack).

Also, Amber is supposedly wearing Stella McCartney. (Does it matter when the man standing across from her is going to look like sh-t?) And they’re doing it now because he has to start work on Pirates 5 soon. This will be Johnny’s second marriage. He was married in the 80s for two years.

You think she’s going to start going by Amber Depp afterwards?