SO much better.

Johnny Depp was photographed on the set of Transcendence yesterday in LA. Hair is shorter. Scarves, bangles, necklaces, feathers, dusters, hats all kept to a minimum or not present. God, it's been so long, Johnny. Where have you been?!

And still, this is not the "real" Johnny Depp. This is the Johnny Depp playing someone else. Somehow we now prefer Johnny Depp not being Johnny Depp. Is that weird?

Meanwhile, as Johnny worked, Johnny's current on-"girl" Amber Heard was seen running errands. Is this hot for you? A few people emailed yesterday to say that this was hot. That they are hot. Like you could totally get down with their porn. Me, I'm not sure. But it would help without the scarves. And they'd only be together when he's scarving.