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There was a story the other day on Celebitchy about how Johnny Depp helped out a few homeless guys by hooking them up as extras on his new film. There is a story today about Johnny Depp dropping out of the Whitey Bulger movie because he wouldn’t take a pay cut.

THR reports that Johnny was originally offered $20 million for the part, which is his usual fee. But when funding came up short after sales meetings in Cannes, producers asked Johnny if he’d take half, $10 million. He and his agents declined. And now it looks like he won’t be in the movie.

Johnny Depp doesn’t “need” an extra $10 million. Remember, he owns an island. HIS OWN ISLAND. It’s not a big island, no. But IT’S AN ISLAND. 45 acres. Click here to read about what it’s like on Johnny Depp’s PRIVATE ISLAND.

An argument could be made, then, that Depp is maybe...a little too greedy? Here’s a guy who’s been fronting like he’s hardcore and edge, not mainstream, for years. At the same time, he’s a Disney man. That incongruity seemed easier to swallow a few years ago. Is it the scarves? 

Defenders of Johnny Depp’s decision would say that if he’d agreed to take less money this time, he’d be asked every time. And that one should always stand up for his or her own value because no one else will do it for you, especially not in Hollywood. That rationale might stand up higher if Depp were at the beginning of his career, or just starting out as a blockbuster star. Pro-Johnny or not, I think we can all agree that he’s not just starting out as a blockbuster star.

And there’s something that stinks a little here in the way he doesn’t seem to be “team-playing”. Professional value is one thing. But eating it financially -- if “only” taking $10 million could be considered “eating it” -- to help the project also speaks to professional value. George Clooney does it all the time. Clooney has willingly dropped his asking price for films that require smaller budgets, passion projects he wants to work on where he sees the money better spent elsewhere. 

The counter to that is that Clooney supports his lifestyle with endorsements. Mercedes, Nespresso, tequila, whatever. Johnny Depp limits his endorsement involvement. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any brands he’s associated with. Depp’s primary income then is through film. His films enable the PRIVATE ISLAND. And the private jets. (Johnny Depp rarely flies commercial. Even Brad Pitt flies commercial now and again.) And all of his homes. And whatever alimony/palimony he’s providing Vanessa Paradis. And of course there are the manager/agent/publicist percentages.

$10 million after writing cheques to his team probably ends up at closer to $5 million.

And, well, who can exist on just $5 million? Especially when there’s to be a 5th (or is it 6th?) Pirates Of The Caribbean movie heading into production in January


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