Can we just revisit the fact that JLo will be making her TENTH appearance at the Oscars in 15 years this weekend? Click here if you missed yesterday’s article. Is she the only one who says yes...repeatedly?

While JLo is going for a decade’s worth of Academy Award showings without a nomination, Johnny Depp has only attended 4 times in 18 years. And, these days, only when he’s actually up for something.

This was his first Oscars. Gilbert Grape had just opened three months prior. He and Winona Ryder had broken up the summer before. He would soon fall in love with Kate Moss. God, remember how beautiful? Like in a way that makes you clutch your sides? (He may have been a little high here too.) Photos of Johnny from these Oscars are few and expensive. But I have something better. There’s video. Click here and look at that face. Please. It’s too much.

It would be a decade (JLo doesn’t know what this means) before Johnny came back to the Oscars, this time as a nominee for Pirates of the Caribbean, and with the mother of his children Vanessa Paradis and his own mother Betty Sue. I remember being really excited to see him there. I remember thinking, Johnny Depp goes to award shows now...?

Johnny received another nomination for Finding Neverland. He wore blue and glasses and there was no bloat on his face and I really miss him.

It’s the last time he was at the Oscars. For Sweeney Todd. And I worry now that he and Vanessa won’t be back there together ever again.