Warner Bros presented at CinemaCon yesterday. Tim Burton (not pictured) was there to promote Dark Shadows. While on stage, he called his muse Johnny Depp:

“Come on, Sweetsie.”

They’ve now worked together 8 times.

Here are photos of JD with Jerry Bruckheimer because he was also there to hype The Lone Ranger for Disney, just in case you forgot or doubted Johnny Depp’s power and influence these days. I mean I know he has long-ish hair and tattoos and dresses all “alternative” and plays guitar with Marilyn Manson sometimes but he’s also a major, major, MEGA cash money maker for the studios now. A commodity with control. In movie-making terms, he’s a more valuable commodity than the Brange. So for those of you’ve been asking about why Johnny, with all his weird secrets and sketchy behaviours, doesn’t take more heat from the tabloids etc - well first of all he keeps his sh-t tight, second there are a lot of players in the business who go out of their way to protect him, and then you have to consider his connections too. Johnny, as we know, was tight with Hunter S Thompson. Thompson wrote for Rolling Stone. Jann Wenner is the publisher of Rolling Stone. Jann Wenner is also the publisher of Us Weekly. These are the relationships that tell, or don’t tell, the stories, you know?