Is it weird if Johnny Depp’s publicist has to work on damage controlling her client’s reputation following his breakup from Vanessa Paradis if the breakup had something to do with the publicist?

At this point it’s not like Robin Baum doesn’t know. It’s not like she isn’t aware that even PEOPLE made mention of her name and the rumours that they’ve been hooking up in an article about Johnny’s single living the other day. Some refuse to engage, believing that if you address every single bullsh-t story, it just makes the situation worse. Still others would interpret her silence - and remember, she’s an important publicist who reps some important people - to mean that there’s nothing she can deny. If nothing happened between the two of them, this woman has some balls. Because it’s also her reputation...

And you know what else is interesting? PEOPLE has taken the lead on this story, jumping out in January as the first to report on the cover no less that Johnny and Vanessa were done. Next week everyone will be getting in on the action. But what about Us Weekly? Depp and Us Weekly owner Jann Wenner are close. If you’re in publishing though, how do you ignore a potential scandal involving one of Hollywood’s biggest stars? After all, you’re also losing money in the process. Keep an eye on that situation.

And finally, many of you have been emailing about Baum, asking for a face. Here she is at Johnny’s side at the UK premiere of Dark Shadows a few weeks ago. Curiously that’s also where he told the Sun that he and V were still together. Click here for a refresher.