On her own, she’ll be famous.

It was announced yesterday that Kevin Smith is shooting a new movie called Yoga Hosers about two 15 year old female superheroes starring his own daughter Harley Quinn and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily Rose. Johnny will also have a role in the film. They’ve already started production.

Lily Rose gets papped often enough. And about a month ago, I wanted to post these shots of her because, Jesus, look at the face her parents gave her. But at the time, I’d exhausted my disappointment in Johnny and his bad pants and feathers and he wasn’t in the pictures so I decided to save it for another time. Now…now that Lily Rose is about to become a movie star in her own right, those considerations no longer need to be made.

If you want to know her, she writes a blog and her last blog post was about what it’s like growing up the child of one of the most famous celebrities in the world…but not really. She turned it into a discussion about assumptions and balance. Click here to read it. The article is imbued with all the idealism and adolescent sanctimony you’d expect from someone her age – they know they have a lot to learn, but even in the knowing, they think they know everything, you know? It’s adorable (when you don’t have to raise them, I guess) and, you know what?, I think she went back and checked her work. Because at that level of writing, considering the generation, there are no contraction errors. And the spelling isn’t atrocious. I wonder if that’s because she bilingual (at least). She uses French often on social media. Along with your standard high school bullsh-t:

I’ve just spent 15 minutes on her Instagram. Here’s a shot of Lily Rose with her dad on his birthday: 

As she herself pointed out, Vanity Fair France says she “controls her image like a pro”.

Oh, we’re about to see about that.