Johnny Depp’s next film The Lone Ranger is supposed to start shooting on February 12. That has now been pushed back by two weeks. The reason? Johnny’s “personal life”.

Apparently in the upcoming issue of The Hollywood Reporter, there’s a story about how Johnny approached director Gore Verbinski, with whom he has worked before on several Pirates movies and Rango, to ask him to delay production so that he can address some issues in his “personal life”. I can’t find this link on THR but it’s supposedly in the print version and Disney has already confirmed the schedule change. That will cost production $4 million. Johnny, though, in their minds, is worth it.

Many are assuming that the “personal life” has to do with the reports that he and Vanessa Paradis are about to break, if not broken already. Though Vanessa denied the rumours in France a couple of weeks ago, most remain convinced that they are in crisis...although no one in Hollywood wants to openly acknowledge that Johnny Depp, the super A List Gold Mine, might be struggling with more than just relationship problems. There’s a reason his publicist seemed so content to let PEOPLE sh-t all over his love life. Better that than have the more troubling secrets go public. It’s so sh-tty that Vanessa was sacrificed for this though, and certainly not the most gallant way to treat the mother of your children.