Depp or petty?

November 29, 2016 21:41:32 by Lainey

A few days ago, a domestic violence PSA was released online featuring Amber Heard. She talks about being a victim, she talks about her experience, she doesn’t mention by name who hurt her. But it’s not like nobody knows. So yesterday, after US Thanksgiving, everyone’s back to their regular schedule, and TMZ comes back with an exclusive and they decide to go with this headline:

It’s a disparaging headline. The headline suggests that Amber Heard has backed off her promise to donate the $7 million she was to receive in her divorce settlement to Johnny Depp to the ACLU and LA Children’s Hospital. Coincidence or conspiracy? You’ll recall, during Amber and Johnny’s divorce negotiations, I was calling TMZ the voice of celebrity men for their pro-Depp coverage. Someone on Johnny’s team presumably didn’t appreciate Amber’s PSA and decided to leak accordingly.

Amber’s lawyer then released a statement on her behalf. Turns out the settlement hasn’t been finalised. Which means Amber doesn’t even have the money. She can’t donate the money if she doesn’t have the money. Her lawyer confirms that once Johnny sends it to her, she’ll send it on to the charities. You’ll recall, Johnny tried to donate the money to the charities himself, which Amber objected to, because he’d be getting a tax receipt for his gifts, which would end up reducing the amount of money actually coming out of his account. Which is what TMZ actually reported in their initial story, they just kinda sold it on the inflammatory suggestion that Amber may have reneged on her pledge. Later in the day on Monday, TMZ then followed up with another report confirming from the ACLU that Amber actually had donated $350,000 out of her own account to the ACLU just days after coming to terms with Johnny on the divorce deal as an advance for what she was expecting to come in their settlement.

So. Basically. There really was no story here. It ended up being a story because…

Someone was being petty? Someone saw a PSA and threw a hissy fit? That’s a really good look, on top of all the hats and the scarves and the rings and the bracelets and the rotting teeth, it’s a real good look.

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