Vanessa Paradis was out last night, looking amazing, in Paris at the premiere of Cafe de Flore. Also today at the Chanel show. Have you seen the collection? I posted it over in LifeStyle.

No personal questions were allowed on the carpet last night, and the edict was strictly observed. Johnny Depp’s reps have yet to comment on the reports that the two are done and with Vanessa declining to dismiss the rumours with one offhand remark, if it’s not over, it’s probably very, very close to it. F-ck. Right? F-CK.

I don’t want them to break up. If they break up, I don’t know how he handles it, and how he ends up. Johnny can live very close to the bad place. Without an anchor, or at least the availability of one, I worry. A lot. It’s just, for her part, it’s hard to ask someone to be patient...infinitely.  

Over in London today, Kate Moss made an appearance on behalf of Mango.

That’s either some really great makeup or she’s been sleeping well lately. Or both. Or all AND a little something extra. Compare how Kate looks today - really, really great - to what she looked like last year, click here. Just me? Oh wait. Let me guess. Now you think she’s pregnant.