Look, nobody doesn’t like Duckie. We get it. He’s sweet, smart, funny - and that’s before we even get to the fact that he, by all accounts, kept showing up for work on Two and a Half Men even when the notion of “work” turned into an utter farce. I suspected he was a good dude -- it seems like he’d have to be, to get through that kind of thing and still stay on the show (contracts help here, too) --  and then when he won, I was sure of it.  

Because the first words out of his mouth weren’t “Oh thank you all so much” but instead “there’s been a terrible mistake”. He knew he didn’t deserve the best actor award at all. Now, he was all “I’d have given it to Jim Parsons” while I, personally, would have had Larry David and Don Cheadle have a quip-off for it – but the point is he’s self-aware enough to know his work didn’t warrant it.

What do you do if that happens? Winning something that’s not exactly for you and your work kinda feels dirty, right? Like a consolation prize, or hush money, or something? I mean I don’t know his life but I don’t imagine this is going to suddenly start raining parts down on him or anything. It’s not a “real” win in that he’s suddenly going to be seen in a whole new light, right?

So if that’s the case, can you still relish the win, or is it tainted? Does Jon Cryer have a consolation Emmy? Are those the ones that wind up living in the bathroom?