All in Boston for Larry David's HBO movie Clear History. It's a big cast.

I like the idea of Jon Hamm + Danny McBride. Off camera. How much debauchery? Or is it like that cliche where funny people aren't funny when they're not supposed to be funny? Something tells me neither of them fall into that category. In fact, I know for a fact that Hamm has his fun when the cameras are off, although that's not exactly what I'm talking about here.  

As for Eva Mendes, or the most-hated woman in the world because she's Ryan Gosling's girlfriend, have I told you about the crazy mail I received after I reported on what they were like at The Place Beyond The Pines afterparty at TIFF?

"You're a liar, Lainey. You're making it up. They didn't talk at the party. They left separately. They're not even close. You didn't see them sitting together and her rubbing his back. He doesn't love her. She wants him so bad but she's a c-nt face loser and he has no time for her after a quick f-ck and pull."

No matter that I was with several others, all journalists, including society columnist Shinan Govani from the National Post, and my eagle-eyed friend Laura, a producer for etalk, and we all saw the same sh-t go down, when you are a super-fan, and you can only accept one narrative: everyone else is on crack.