You can barely remember who the current Sexiest Man Alive is, can you?

It’s Bradley Cooper.

It’s NOT Jon Hamm.

Probably never Jon Hamm.

I’ve already predicted it’ll be Channing Tatum what with the year he’s having and Magic Mike and GI Joe still on the way. As we’ve seen through the years, and as repeated repeatedly during the annual SMA handicapping on this site, the SMA is almost always a Movie Star. Jon Hamm makes movies but Jon Hamm is not a Movie Star.

It’s really too bad. Because while I agree with this criteria for the most part, in this case it’s a bullsh-t reason to hold him back. Or maybe it’s not bad at all. Maybe if Jon Hamm were actively trying to be the Sexiest Man Alive he’d be less inclined to be as sexy and as awesome as he is in this video for Rookie, Tavi’s site, which...I can’t even talk about how a 15 year old is securing interviews with Jon Hamm, like, what?

But watch him. And love him. And lose control of your mind when he says “making out is super fun”.

In other Jon Hamm news, seeing as we were just referring to him not being a movie star, Deadline reports that he’s signed on for Disney to play sports agent JB Bernstein who brought two Indian cricket players to America to play baseball and, I dunno, apparently showed them how to speak English and become USA-ed. Yeah I can feel you rolling your eyes at me now but, come on, it’s a DISNEY movie. Can you blame me for suggesting there will be a saviour theme?