Whatever is happening today in Cannes, it’s producing beautiful photographs, goddamn. Not that it’s a challenge to shoot Jon Hamm, of course not. But an extra beautiful Jon Hamm is nothing to complain about. And look what this French Riviera lighting is doing for Elisabeth Moss. Her skin, it’s radiant.

And remember, they’ve been on the move the last few days. Travelling in luxury, sure, but travelling nonetheless, it takes its toll. For regular folk it becomes the ashy dull cloud that settles over your complexion. But this light... even regular folk might look special in this light.

Anyway, Jon and Elisabeth are there to promote Mad Men at MIPCOM, being nice to all the money people who buy and distribute content. Very curious to know if he gets a part of that action, though it seems unlikely considering he was pretty much nobody when he signed on as Don Draper. And, um, at $100K an episode, which seems a lot to you and me, that’s actually considerably LESS than Kate Gosselin who earns $250K per. And that kid from Two and a Half Men? Yeah, he’s making more than Jon Hamm too.

Hate. People.

Photos from Wenn.com