He’s the nicest

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 22, 2010 14:26:42 February 22, 2010 14:26:42

Jon Hamm. He is so, so, SO nice.

This is Jon Hamm leaving the HBC gifting suite today wearing Canada gear after loading up on Canada gear. As you probably know, the HBC red mittens were featured on Oprah last week, everyone is lining up around the block to get into the HBC store, many of you entered the sweater contest last week... HBC’s Olympic collection is an unprecedented success.

Am told that Hamm has been sweet and gracious on this trip, always in great spirits, very friendly, no pretention. I believe it. When I saw him on Saturday night at Club Bud, he kept getting approached, totally obliging with photos. I took a video of us mugging together on my flip, Dan and Jessi asked him to make a figure skating face and he did, and he had a great sense of humour about it.

Hamm was there before we were. Michael Buble introduced me to him by telling him that “Lainey writes a gossip blog and she loves you and puts you on her free list”. Great. Then somehow we started talking about my green nail polish. After that we talked about Chinese lucky numbers and colours. Then some other women wanted to get in there, fair enough, so I went back to find Dylan and squeal. Everyone I talked to that night who talked to Jon Hamm had the same experience. He’s a decent, kind person. And really, really, REALLY hot. Like so f-cking handsome. Even more handsome in person.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images

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