I’m not going to comment on her face, because it’s sad. We all know it and maybe we know why it’s happening and either way it’s upsetting. So.

I will however comment on Jon Hamm. Ryan Seacrest goes “so uh, now that you’re getting into directing, do you think you’re going to write some Mad Men, too?” 

And Jon Hamm, God bless him, points out that the writers on his show are brilliant and that he himself cannot string two words together and that he won’t even be attempting it.


Mad Men is all about the writing. Of course direction is incredibly important but they’re not reinventing the wheel, cinematography-wise. They are doing incredible things with story. It takes months. It’s not as simple as just sitting down and banging out some pages.

Jon Hamm has the grace to know this and the humility to point out that he couldn’t do what’s required.

That’s rare in Hollywood where everyone wants to be a hyphenate. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t do it someday; it means he knows he can’t right now. That’s something. It makes up for a lot.