Written by Duana

I am about to ruin your day.

Because your life is not as good as theirs. I don’t know if you got engaged this weekend, or the job of your dreams, or won the lottery. You’re not as happy as they are. Honestly, look at that windblown hair. Those grins, that glow – that is, like, not only did they have a cupful of sunshine before this carpet and reaffirmed their for one another, they also looked deep into each other’s’ eyes and then ran through a field of buttercups and softly waving grasses.

They could not look happier, healthier, or more ready to show off their Independent Spirits than they do right here.

I love Kissing Jessica Stein which you should see if you have not – but Jennifer Westfeldt doesn’t work as much as you might think she should. My personal opinion is that it’s because nobody can identify with the happiest woman in the world. I mean, look at her. Does she have any problems? Of course not.

Then again, having no problems could cause you problems, which gives material for new scripts, so…the world makes sense again.

Seriously. They are perfect.

Also attached – Jon and Jennifer at the Vanity Fair Party last night.

Photos from Michael Buckner/Frazer Harrison/GABRIEL BOUYS/Craig Barritt/Pascal Le Segretain/Gettyimages.com