It’s a new interview with Parade Magazine, not exactly the most revealing of publications, but there are some great photos and of course a quote about marriage and his girlfriend Jennifer that most people will care about – click here to read the full story and see all photos – but the best bit, to me anyway, in the article is the quote from Tina Fey about Jon Hamm:

"People were surprised to see how skilled he was at comedy. But, in fact, he's a huge comedy nerd who loves to quote the movie Anchorman as much as we normal-looking people do."

See, that right there, that made me love him even more.

Jacek lives his life by Will Ferrell movies and appearances in character. Old School, as Robert Goulet on Conan, the Best of Will Ferrell on SNL, and of course Ron Burgundy. Even the Ron Burgundy skits that aren’t in the Ron Burgundy movie. Like the time he auditioned for ESPN.

“That’s just dumb” is one of Jacek’s favourite quotes.

Now picture Jon Hamm mimicking Anchorman. Please. He’s perfect.

PS. Great. I just asked Jacek to find this video for me. Now I’m being forced to watch all the others even though we’ve already seen them several dozen times.