Ben Affleck directed Jon Hamm in The Town, released in 2010. Back then I didn’t know that… Hamm had it in him the way Affleck had it in him. Oh but he does. Can you imagine that wingman situation? Middle-aged women would moist themselves as hard as they do at a Twilight convention. Sure, I coulda used a different word there, but “moist” is so much more evocative, non?

Hamm hosted the ESPY Awards last night. Affleck was a presenter. They hung out backstage. And how did Hamm do? I watched the opening monologue. There were some groans, and a couple of good lines, but not enough to make me forget I groaned. However, I did appreciate that he took a shot at Johnny Depp. Other victims included Dwight Howard – too easy – and Ryan Lochte, the ultimate easy, although I guess it was worth it to see Michael Phelps’s reaction. Sort of.

I’ve attached the video below.

But first, let’s take a look at the front row – LeBron and Dwyane Wade, the ESPY version of Brad and George at the Oscars? I’m not a big fan of The Decision (although his skills are undeniable) but check it, Colin Kaepernick – this is how you wear a red jacket.