Jon Hamm and Jake Gyllenhaal presented together at the Broadway fundraiser for Hillary Clinton last night. Jon’s movie, Keeping Up With The Joneses comes out this weekend. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be seeing it until I could watch it from home, or a plane, but the trailer came on the other day during the baseball game and I just realised… he looks SO hot in this movie. Also, Isla Fisher’s line, “ON YOUR WIFE?!” cracked me up, and I just tried again to see if it would still be funny and, to me, it is. So… maybe?

Speaking of hot…

The reason for this post. Hamm and Jake side by side which, really, was the original motivation here. They’ve been friends for a while. Check this sad blast from the past:

I did not watch this livestream so I don’t know how they were up there together. Am assuming it didn’t suck. And if it didn’t suck, maybe more opportunities to work together? As an alternative to Matt and Ben?

Also attached - Jake at Headstrong Project Words Of War Gala earlier in the evening.