As Duana noted yesterday, that might not happen this year. Click here if you missed yesterday’s Mad Men delay article. F-cking network. Just give Weiner what he wants and start rolling!

Meanwhile, with Don Draper on hold for a while, Jon Hamm has a lot of time on his hands. Which really, really must suck for him. Because he has to keep an eye out for when they pick up work again, and another for other projects outside the show, and how do you commit to the latter when you have no idea what’s happening with the former?

Jon recently wrapped on Friends With Kids, written and directed by his lady love Jennifer Westfeldt, and now, officially, has nothing on the go though he would probably jump at the chance to join Saturday Night Live as a part time player.

Last night he and Jen matched for the Sucker Punch premiere in LA. I LOVE him in glasses. SO much.

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