I wasn't really worried. Not actually. Maybe just a little bit. Jon Hamm was out a few times this month without Jennifer and I started to get just a little...heightened about the whole thing. As the events grew more and more high-profile, the fact that she was busy working was both completely awesome - they don't have to be together all the time! She doesn't just exist to squire him to things! - and a little angst-making, because there's something about these two that is special to me. 

They didn't disappoint. They know how to bring it out when it matters. I'm not saying that is all calculated, but I look at her with him, and how in love they are, and I am filled with warm fuzzies for Don Draper, which is good, because after a year and a half away I sure do need to have my goodwill encouraged. (Not really. 27 days!)

But wouldn't you love to have this couple at your party? They're not just beautiful because there are other beautiful couples, but they're effervescent. They are a party favour.  

Also, if she had worn this dress on the red carpet tonight it might have come across as inappropriate or not formal enough.  It also would have made her my Best Dressed.