If we’re talking man to man, there’s no question. Spittle, step off for Jon Hamm. Especially being here in LA, it’s a f-cking mystery how they managed to turn that skeeze into a star. A mystery. Even among industry players. Somehow his management team pulled off the ultimate play. Because as far as celebrities go, real celebrities, Gerard Butler is a goddamn fraud.

Here he is last night at the Artists for Peace & Justice event hosted by Vanity Fair posing with Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. It was an early event, and I was at dinner when Jon and Jennifer arrived afterwards, and soon as they were seated, they started kissing in their booth. It’s very sweet. He’s totally into her. Really solid. But her face in person is like Madonna. Makes me sad.

She’s popular though. A lot of people dropped in at their table, and she’s the kind of woman who knows how to talk to other women. In a comfortable girl’s girl kind of way. And she did look really spectacular in her red dress, and she seemed really lovely to everyone around her, and together they front like a strong team, by all accounts as real as it gets around here.

Not sure if it shows up in pictures but the way he wore his suit, it was a thing of beauty. Like ART. Jon Hamm in a black suit is ART. And he has the sexiest stride. And the most quivering way of lounging back on a couch that implies ownership but not arrogance. Don Draper without all the character flaws and a terrific sense of humour. He walked out with one hand on the small of her back, and the other in his pocket, nodding to people left and right, and I wondered whether or not he and George Clooney have ever been in the same room before and maybe that’s not a good idea because can the world handle so much dashing in such a small space?


It was a good night.

Prior to that, Keanu Reeves strolled in, bike helmet and riding jacket in hand, short-ish hair and stubble, looking healthy and fit, and enjoyed a 2 hour dinner with 2 companions. Nearly lost my sh-t when Joan Collins followed in a leopard print coat and a lacquered face that is frightfully perfect. Her sister was there too but they were seated separately, and once in a while Joan would trot over to Jackie’s and wave her fingers around and sit back down again. People watching here is the best.

Photos from Jesse Grant/Charley Gallay/