These men are fine.

And they are men. They are not boys. They are not pipsqueaks whose voices break car windows when they try to shout, which is what happened when Justin Timberlake attempted it with Ryan Seacrest during the preshow.

Jon Hamm and Kevin Bacon last night at the Emmys.

Particularly enjoyed Jon presenting with Tina Fey.

Smooth. That’s what he is. He’s smooth. And exactly the same age as Clooney when he began his ascent. Jon Hamm deserves it… though I do worry for his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. Go ahead, try to be nice. Try to be nice and pretend you don’t know what I mean when I say there’s something up with her face. Sure, go ahead. But I see shades of Nicole Kidman and Joan Allen. And it was the same on that episode of Grey’s Anatomy last season. She was dying, a cancer patient or something, and it was perfect makeup in every scene. Flawless face. Come on, now. Character actors are supposed to be able to rough it.

As for Kevin Bacon…

His hair looked great, non? Bacon just turned 51. Has been married to Kyra Sedgwick for 21 years. Sure, her dress is a little Housewife of X,Y,Z American City but this is not what we should be fixating on right now. Because Kyra is a legitimate actor, the star of a good show, and deserving of the airtime.

But I just spent 10 minutes going through 5 photo agencies and the number of images of Jon Hamm, Kevin Bacon, and Kyra Sedgwick COMBINED did not equal the number of images available for Kim Kardashian.

This. Is. F-ckery.

I hate people.

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