It should be a regular feature. I wish. If there are new photos, it will always be a feature, not just on Mondays which during Mad Men’s season, seems to also fit the schedule.

Many of you ask me why I don’t post more about Mad Men and, aside from the photo availability etc, it’s also a matter of when I watch it. Mad Men airs on Sundays, I don’t watch until Wednesday on PVR which becomes too late. Some shows you have to catch immediately for the spoiler avoidance like True Blood. Some shows you can watch even if you’re not 100% alert, also like True Blood, which is not to say that True Blood is lesser, just that it requires a different focus.

I need a certain focus for Mad Men. Not because the plot is complicated but because the characters are, especially of course Don Draper and I spend half the time being angry with him, trying to understand him, and half the time marvelling at the brilliance of the writing team for giving him exactly the right thing to say which, more often than not, is NOT the right thing to say but that’s really the point of Don Draper, isn’t it? It’s also what Don Draper tells about ourselves, as a collective We. Because on the one hand there’s the objectification of Edward Cullen and his (supposed) perfection. On the other there’s the irresistibility of a prick – and he is VERY MUCH a prick – like Don Draper, and not as a man who needs saving either but whose cruel detachment is a lure rather than a deterrent.

Jon Hamm attended the Creative Arts Emmys this weekend.

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