Better than the Brad Pitt beard, yes. And this is not a blind riddle clue. Because Jon Hamm’s beard is all man and sex and hot. HE is all man and sex and hot. But... we need to talk about the girlfriend. We weren’t feeling her on our liveblog. We weren’t feeling her attempts at camera time. I hear you. I know. But Kissing Jessica Stein was a long time ago. It was almost 10 years ago. And since then it’s just been Grey’s Anatomy. Remember when she was on her death bed in Grey’s Anatomy but had perfect makeup in every scene? I’ll be the petty bitch to hold that against her. Sorry.

Jon Hamm’s john ham is hosting SNL again on January 30th.

By the way, you watch Mad Men right? There are two seasons of Mad Men on DVD. You have no excuse.

Photos from Alberto E. Rodriguez/FrazerHarrison