Chris Evans was confirmed last week as the new Captain America. Meh. Kinda bland. And he dated Jessica Biel. And Emily Blunt declined the female lead in the film. And the list of people they were considering wasn’t all that exciting. And Captain America isn’t Jon Ham…???

Captain America is the leader of the Avengers which means that eventually his team will include Iron Man and Nick Fury. I’m just saying I can’t see Chris Evans running a summit with RDJ and Sam Jackson. In real life, if Chris Evans tried to tell RDJ and Sam Jackson what to do, they’d keep playing cards in the corner and the bad guys would win the war. Jon Hamm however…

Obviously. Yes.

But they make movies for teenbops and people with bad taste these days.

Anyway, here’s Hamm at the Laker game yesterday. SO good. SOOOOO good.

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