As noted earlier, tonight’s 30 Rock will go live. Twice. And both Jon Hamm and Matt Damon will be making guest appearances. Obviously then, Hamm is returning as Dumb Drew. I really love when Liz’s boyfriends get together. Dream, real, whatever, I don’t care. Is Michael Sheen coming along? Please. Can you imagine Sheen, Hamm, and Damon in a scene? Yeah, I’m watching TV tonight.

But last night Hamm was at a watch party in New York, hosting the Jaeger-LeCoultre event to launch the new Hybris Mechanica. Please. Let the man make some money. After all, that kid from Two and a Half Men earns TRIPLE his salary per episode.

Slow that down for a minute, let it roll around your mouth before it travels into your stomach and back out your ass with fire and salt.

Jon Hamm busts his for an hour long drama as the lead character in one of the smartest shows on television. And some kid, in a supporting role, on a half hour sitcom gets paid not only more but THREE TIMES MORE.

Don’t you hate people? I hate people so much.

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