Click here for my earlier post on Aziz Ansari and his new show Master Of None on Netflix. As mentioned, there was a screening and a Q&A for it last night in New York. And Jon Hamm was there to moderate. They’ve been friends for a while. Aziz says they’ve been trying to put together a project for a while. One pitch had them as astronauts going up in space but Jon “decided it was too crazy”. Really? I think I would watch that.

Jon Hamm’s name came up a few times in my inbox yesterday as a possible candidate to play Julia Roberts’s role in the all-female Oceans Eleven starring Sandra Bullock. A solid suggestion. I thought about it all night. You know why, ultimately, he didn’t work for me and I went with Ben Affleck instead?

The Julia/Tess character took herself pretty seriously. And Jon Hamm, one of the best things about him is that he doesn’t. Would you believe that Jon Hamm would rather not hang out with Sandra Bullock and her all-fun crew to be with Gwyneth Paltrow instead? You wouldn’t. Ben Affleck? Totally.