Arguments for:
-Oh My God, please just give it to him
-He’s funny, he’s versatile, he’s not overly precious, he’s so humble, and sweet
-Devoted to his lady
-Very American
-People miss Mad Men/Don Draper
-The average age of all past SMAs is 39. Jon Hamm is 40.

Arguments against:
-He’s a tv star, he’s not a Movie Star. Stop f-cking yelling at me. I know Jon Hamm does movies, but does he CARRY a movie? Is he the lead in his movies?  In the last 20 years, the SMA has always been a Movie Star. A big time, big deal Movie Star. This is why Patrick Dempsey, at the height of McDreamy, was never the SMA. You’re about to throw George Clooney out there, aren’t you? For ER? When George Clooney was crowned SMA in 1997, he had already been Batman. Look, Jon Hamm has my vote. But he’s not a Movie Star. He’s not yet a Movie Star. And if they’re to give him the title, they’d be breaking with a 20 year requirement.
-International mass appeal, and it goes back to being a tv actor. Duana will argue that television is just as important. In quality, definitely. But there is a hierarchy in place. It’s one they themselves, the actors, the industry, they abide by still.
-Do people miss Mad Men/Don Draper? Does the PEOPLE audience miss Mad Men/Don Draper? Think about this before you answer.

Odds: 8 to 1