From shouts...

Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss were in Germany yesterday promoting Mad Men. How will they explain Peggy’s thinnification next season? That’s not the same girl.

As for Jon, it was confirmed yesterday that he’ll next be working on Friends With Kids written by his rock steady Jennifer Westfeldt and co-starring Adam Scott which I’m sure is good news for those of you who are fans of Party Down, like Sarah from Cinesnark.

This makes me happy. I want Friends With Kids to be a huge success. So that we – and I’m guilty of this all the time – don’t have to feel badly for her anymore, which is probably grossly unfair, and still, whether you want to admit it or not, it happens.

She gave him work when no one else would. And they’ve been together ever since. It’s really quite a sweet, sweet love story. And, remarkably, I’m told, exactly as it seems.

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