I'm sorry, I was so caught up with Johnny Depp and the Pirates 4 press day on Saturday I actually missed out on Jon Hamm. Are we fighting? No, we're not. Because I know I deserved to be yelled at. Sometimes they just stack so many things at the same time, you have to make a choice. And on our show, we had to shoot Johnny.

Anyway, Jon is here with his "bonafide", as Dylan would call it, Jennifer Westfeldt to market her film Friends With Kids. It's not so much promotion as it is straight up selling. Now that the film has been completed, they need to distribute. So they're doing this together, he'll throw around what he can to make it work. Here they are, at the Palais for a photo call, and then on Saturday night at the Red Granite party where Kanye West and Jamie Foxx took the stage, and Leonardo DiCaprio hid under a baseball cap in a corner, looking for some new model ass in the French Riviera now that he's single after splitting from Bar Rafaeli. Tina Fey likes to say that "talent isn't sexually transmittable" and this is very, very true. But how about fame? There are a lot of women twatting around Cannes who believe that it is indeed.

Not sure how long Jon is staying. But before he left North America, he took some time to shoot a piece for SNL. Obviously I can't watch SNL over here and I'll have to wait 'til I get home before I can see the entire episode hosted by Ed Helms but I did receive many, many of your emails about the return of the Ambiguously Gay Duo - in live action! - and the time difference worked for me for once because I was able to catch it before those assholes at NBC pulled it down. I used this link but it may be gone by the time you all get up on Monday.

Was kinda awesome seeing all of them together, non?

As for the Herman Dune music video - Jon Hamm with the wind in his hair, and so tender and gentle and loving…totally. But I can't listen to that song too many times. Too annoying. Like a parody of a hipster folk song which, if it was, might actually be tolerable. Only it's not a parody, they are totally for real.

PS. Just stumbled home after the sunrise party and Jon Hamm showed up, SO BEAUTIFUL in a tux, and Dylan actually said to him, "Quick, come on my back". They proceeded to bro down. More on this later.

Photos from Wenn.com and Andreas Rentz/Gettyimages.com