Is the message that AMC apparently delivered to Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men because, as you know, he lets his sh-t swing unencumbered, even in costume, so that they have to keep photoshopping his dick down in the promotional shots.

Tired of the extra work required to tone down his meat, network executives have asked that Hamm add underwear to his daily routine. According to the NY Daily News, Hamm is well aware of his cock protrusion and it’s becoming an ongoing joke onset. When asked for comment on the situation, his publicist replied:

“It is ridiculous and not really funny at all. I’d appreciate you taking the high road and not resorting to something childish like this that’s been blogged about 1,000 times.”

You know, I’m surprised his rep issued such a humourless response considering Hamm has such a good sense of humour. It’s not like this speaks to work ethic or performance. The fact is, his penis likes to assert itself because the dude evidently doesn’t like keeping that sh-t harnessed. Which, from an unofficial poll I’ve taken among friends, doesn’t seem all that comfortable, considering the chafing and the pulling that must be involved but, you know, the upside to it all is that now the world can practically trace a replica of his junk with our eyes closed. Can’t we turn this into a sketch on SNL?