I heard that Jon Hamm, his too-small bow tie, and Jennifer Westfeldt hit up the Chateau Marmont at some point after the Globes on Sunday night. And he jumped into the pool, underpants only. (Thanks N!) No one had the good sense to send me a blackberry photo. Sometimes it’s better to use your imagination.

This is Hamm in New York today shooting Friends With Kids, written and directed by Westfeldt. They were able to make the schedule work before he has to start on Mad Men again. Kristen Wiig is also in the movie and, of course, Megan Fox. It kinda impresses me that Megan Fox landed this movie. Some say that they were hoping originally for Anne Hathaway in that role. Megan Fox stepping in for Anne Hathaway in a movie is all kinds of crazy to you, isn’t it?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com