Jon Hamm looked GREAT arriving at Kimmel yesterday, non? Relaxed and healthy, with really good hair (the best his hair has ever been, I think), and reasonably well contained. On camera he seemed very tanned. I’m not sure if it’s just the settings on my laptop but on my screen at least, that’s some good colour, or foundation. Like juuuuuuust at the right point before it starts getting red, right?

Jon’s currently promoting Minions. The review are just OK but apparently he and Sandra Bullock make the movie. His voice work here is described as “delightfully daffy” and I’ve heard the two have great chemistry – which is amazing considering their work happened in a booth and probably not even at the same time, as that’s how these sessions normally go down.

I should just stop talking now since you probably just want to look at the pictures. He really is so handsome right now.