Yesterday, US Weekly posted an exclusive about why Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt broke up. Click here for a refresher. That version of the story is that Jon wanted kids and Jennifer didn’t. PEOPLE then followed up with an alternate ending.

A source who worked closely with Hamm, 44, tells PEOPLE that in recent years, Westfeldt had been more like a manager or a mother to the former Mad Men star than a girlfriend.

While the source says Westfeldt, 45, kept a "tight leash" on Hamm, "she would also take care of him and support him" during difficult times – and after hard nights of partying.

No mention at all about kids…unless you consider that Jon Hamm was the child and Jennifer Westfeldt was the proper adult. Right. Like I wrote yesterday, using the children angle works out super in his favour. This angle though? Well, for him, it gets worse. PEOPLE’s source goes on:

The source says Hamm is well-liked among those who work with him on set, where he is known for sending Christmas cards to crew members, but that he also can be "a really dark person."

"He has always had demons and needed a mother figure in his life," says the source. "It was generally assumed that they would break up once he got sober, because he didn't need to lean on her to take care of him so much."

Thanks for the 18 years of looking after my ass! Peace!

So…what now? Oh there’s more.

Another Hamm source says that the split happened almost three weeks ago. Their families love them both, but never thought it would last. The source says Hamm is upset but is working through the pain by going out with his guy friends, who are eager to set him up with younger women.

Do you smell Leonardo DiCaprio? I definitely smell Robin Thicke.

As I always say, Gossip is a Buffet. You choose your own entrée. Between the “he wanted kids” and the “he got clean and didn’t need her around anymore” options, to me, the second one seems a lot more legit. You?