With Justin Timberlake, it’s too much. Get out of my face. Jon Hamm on the other hand, well, don’t go, please stay.

He can currently be seen in Mad Men, though the season is rapidly coming to a close. He’s in theatres now in The Town and also in Howl, both critically acclaimed. Which obviously means he’s pounding the press circuit, everywhere and everything. And taking a lot of meetings (like the one he took yesterday, photos attached), planning his next move. Hamm has made some very good choices so far in his foray into film. Will he be George Clooney, or will he be Patrick Dempsey?

Anyway, I was offline most of the weekend for my birthday so I’ve been catching up on the videos etc. Finally had a chance this morning to watch Jon Hamm with Craig Ferguson the other day. Love. It’s not sidesplitting comedy, no, but it’s yet another example of how at ease he is, with such a natural and quick sense of humour, not afraid to be silly, and all of it together, so f-cking sexy. It’s also just a really stimulating conversation.

“Pigs don’t have opposable thumbs. How the hell could they build a castle?”

Photos from Fame